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Previous Entry Igneous! Jan. 23rd, 2007 @ 11:52 pm Next Entry
Hey dudes. Since you all met him a few rounds back, I thought I'd post this..

But I finally got off my lazy bum, and tried my best at drawing my 'dormant lava golem' Igneous. Despite my utter lack of muscle and chisled rock drawing ability.... well, gotta start somewhere!

I LOVE his Moai head! So much that I ditched the afro so as not to hide any of it. XD
I totally rushed this coloring (at lettering x_X;;) job (markers) and I feel bad for it, especially since I'm trying to get better, not worse, with the medium. But still, I love how the pose and design came out.

I just recently got a set of prisma markers for christmas, and shortly after, vowed to do at least ONE marker piece a DAY, the ENTIRE YEAR, in order to get good with them. Feel free to check out my DeviantART page to see how I'm doing. The good ones are Deviations, the not-as-good ones are all in Scraps. They are also

Why am I saying this? Well, with this habit developed... MAYBE I'LL ACTUALLY BE A GOOD PARTICIPANT IN ART FUNK 4, HUH?! :D

And where are the results for #3? I wanna seeeeee ~ I haven't drawn Spruce at all since this, because I am waiting for inspiration from you guys. XP
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Date:January 25th, 2007 09:57 am (UTC)

Right after I finish a nice new kickass Afterglow marker doodad... and more SMASH LAWL :o
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