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OK. So last time we tried to simplify it so people wouldn't feel overloaded. That didn't work XD

SO. Because everybody got confused in some ways that.. frankly confuse me, I've opted to spell the process out as explicitly as possible. Don't worry about how authoritarian it sounds, I just wanted to be clear. Also, at some points I mention what's encouraged and discouraged. These are NOT hard and fast rules, I just want to cut people off from indulging in cliches--But cliches CAN be fun, so..

Rules below.

Here's the structure to the "game":


Draw a simple character of your own creation. By original I mean the character should be one of your own creation, not from an existing story or published work. But do not worry about the details; just draw a fun or exciting looking character.

  • Allowed: Any original character
  • Not Allowed: Characters from video games, anime, active roleplaying games, or any number of things you could snatch characters from. New interpretations of classic characters is allowed, but try to make them folklore based.
  • Encouraged: Wacky characters with non-human anatomies, or intriguing characters with fantastic qualities; or anything else that stretches and flexes your creativity.
  • Also Encouraged: A dynamic pose that expresses the character’s personality and emphasizes key traits without obscuring too much physical information
  • Discouraged: The Sexy Princess, Cool Headed Cowboy Vigilante no. 683, Murderous Super Robot of Doom, Super Badass Ninja, Generic Goth-y Dragon/Tiger Hybrid Furry, or any other equally played out cliché. New original takes on the above ARE encouraged.

Try to make a quick clean sketch that’s easy to interpret. You don’t need to finish an inked and colored illustration, a simple sketch will do. Just don’t be sloppy, other people will have to interpret this.


Scan character and e-mail it to the next person on the list (if you're last on the list send it to the first)

  • Required: A sketch of the character.
  • Optional: A BRIEF description of the character’s personality, character’s name, and/or clarification of details. (Not Recommended)
  • Not Allowed: Character history; physical description; in-depth biography
  • For Best Results: Image ONLY.

Do NOT include a physical description of the character, let the picture do the talking. Remember. This means NO PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION. NONE. This is about drawings! However, you can include a brief description of the character's personality. Keep the PERSONALITY description to three or fewer sentences. No physical description. Feel free to clarify some things that aren't clear in the image, but remember this exercise is about drawing. Keep the text to a minimum. If something needs to be clarified, it's usually better to DRAW IT.

If at all possible, let the drawing speak for itself. This is an art community, and if you aim to be an artist, your work should do the talking, not you.

The best results of the game come from letting each artist interpret the characters as they will, as this will lead to wild variations, and a general mutation of the concept; one you might find more interesting than if you outline it for everybody.

Complete steps 1&2 within a week of the start of the game.


Receive the drawing from the person ahead of you in your E-mail in box. Be sure to get a good feel for the drawing before going onto the next step. Check your E-mail regularly.

It might be a good idea to even completely ignore any description included with the character. Again, this is about the drawings.


Draw your own interpretation of the character, without changing the overall design.

  1. You can add or remove accessories, modify the coat, adjust the face, etc.. But try to keep the character recognizable as the same concept.
  2. Be sure the picture is clear and understandable.

Don’t worry about making a finished image, just make a sketch that’s clear and understandable.

If you have trouble understanding or interpreting anything in the image, feel free to contact the artist before you.


E-mail this picture to the next person on the list. Be sure to send it to only the next person on the list. It is HIGHLY discouraged to change the description as well.


Repeat steps 3-5 until your own character gets back to you, at which point you send all the pictures you drew to Gelg and Zaph.

Note: You should finish at LEAST one picture per week! The effective deadline for each image is 12AM Sunday morning, PST (which gives you 3 extra hours if you’re EST..), or 12 midnight Saturday night--they're the same time. You’re good as long as you send one drawing per week, regardless of if you send them in the right order. If you get AHEAD… well. You’re ahead. The only case where you'll get in trouble is if the person next in line is not getting any pics.

A week is MORE than enough time to make one quick sketch, scan it, and E-mail it. If for whatever reason you are incapable of keeping up with this pace, please let Gelg and Zaph know, as well as the person next in line.

So. If you're OK with this, just comment here with your (mangled) E-mail.

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Date:March 1st, 2006 06:34 pm (UTC)
billymcass AT msn DOT COMMMZ

So we all get OUR sketch ready, and when we get the word from you or Zaphy, send 'em off? Then each time we get someone's sketch in Email (every week :O) we do our own interpritation of that, and pass it on. This continues until we get the person behind us's sketch of our own character.

Then.... there is a massive post showing 8 or so sketches of 8 different characters? That's a LOT of art! D:
Date:March 1st, 2006 09:45 pm (UTC)
Yep! :D I still dunno if we'd sort it by character or WHAT. To simplify things on our end, please include your user name in the filename XD
(Deleted comment)
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Date:March 3rd, 2006 01:30 am (UTC)
He intends to kill us.
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Date:March 3rd, 2006 01:30 am (UTC)
LOL? podinglite AT gmail doot com
Date:March 3rd, 2006 07:00 am (UTC)
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Date:March 4th, 2006 05:36 am (UTC)
HUR HUR! robot_savetheworldSHIFTPRESS2gmailPERIODCom
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