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Maybe it's symbolic of how fast this place updates. XD Sep. 10th, 2006 @ 12:16 pm
In a sudden rash of not wanting to do art history homework, I decided to update this place and waste about twenty seconds putting up an icon of some sort. I couldn't help it, the blankness sucked at my eyeballs! If anyone has any better ideas, I'd love to see them. XD

Anyway, I hope to twist Gelg's ear and get the next round moving soon. I don't know if any of you were just CHAINED TO YOUR DESKS, desperately waiting for the next round so that you could finally go to the bathroom, but in case you were, worry not. In the meantime, since I uh really have nothing else to say, have a comic: http://lackadaisy.foxprints.com/index.php

May. 7th, 2006 @ 01:25 am
THE RESULTS ah god, sorry this took so long to put up.Collapse )

Theme Drawings? Apr. 14th, 2006 @ 01:04 pm
So we seem to be on the way to ironing out the issues with the Artophone...

And now... I think it's time we start thinking about something a little more ambitious. I don't have a finalized idea of how the rules would work, but this is based on something some successful artists from the art institute have been doing have been doing.

The idea is.. a theme is posted on the journal, and then, at a due date, you turn in a single, painted image. ANY medium would be acceptable, but well. CG is cheapest. So a theme is posted and people try to draw a concept within that theme, and present as a finished illustration. That means as inked, painted, or whatever as the piece demands.

So uh. Let's discuss!


Oh yeah, also. Again on the same thread of things successful AiS Grads (These people make the front page at Concept Art.org)... Art competitions? Not like, for a reward but just.. for everybody to look at the pics and discuss whose got the best what, etc.. What's more original, what just looks better, which do you just like.. etc..

Should we combine the ideas?..

Re: Zaph & Artophone Mar. 29th, 2006 @ 07:28 pm
Game Nickname credit: Lyra Silverblade, aka deathtosocrates

Anyway. It seems Zaph is having trouble connecting to the net. Because my e-mail situation is kerplotz, I think I missed the first announcement, but either way, she's pretty much been removed from the loop. So until further notice, every character Mindrot draws (after the Orc programmer, which has already reached me, even) should be E-mailed to Lyra, not Zaph.

When Zaph's situation is fixed, I guess we can try cramming her back in the loop. *shrug*

For everybody who missed it.. Mar. 22nd, 2006 @ 08:37 pm
THIS is the order. THIS is where the E-mails are XD

Artist E-mail Number
Zaph podinglite [at] gmail [PERIOD] com 1
Lyra robot.savetheworld [AT] gmail [dot] com 2
Gelg gelgameth [zomgAT] gmail [Look a penny!] com 3
Vaecrius vaecrius [AT-AT] shaw [here spot!] ca 4
Jingu J/plaindot jingu.j [oh noes!] gmail [wub wub wub wub] com 5
Hock billymcass [TEDDY ROOSEVELT BEAM] msn [peep] com 6
Flashfeather melodylu at gmail.com 7
Mindrot epilepticsquid [bat] comcast [pot] net 8

Other entries
» E-Mail Update
I recently got my hands on the E-mail account I've WANTED to have for a long time now. My E-mail is now evan.kester [at] gmail [dot] com. I will still receive E-mail sent to my Gelgameth account, but I'm phasing everything over to using my real name.
» (No Subject)
Name's Ceb. I just joined. Figured I'd post a greeting, of sorts.
To be childish - ASL?
a:May 25

Hello. (+5)Collapse )
» Blargh
OK. So from now on, every Art Funk news post will be accompanied with an E-mail...


The due date for everything right now is 11:59pm Sunday the 19th. Get it in then.

Also. I'd like it if everybody participating would actually JOIN the Art Funk community (Check the community's user info, and click "Join this Community"). And it would be nice if you guys added the community to your friends list, so you can keep track of it.

And while you're at it, bookmark the community's page, just in case. Whatever it takes for you guys to keep up.

I'm gonna be honest here. I'm personally a little frustrated that we've had as much trouble as we have. One week is more than enough time to just turn in a sketch, especially since it's not like your job's on the line, and you're not being graded on it. So please, turn in whatever's due sunday night, and try to get one picture out a week.

For everybody who will only just recently receive pictures from the people ahead of you.. If you're only behind because the person ahead of you was behind, you don't have to hurry up. Just send forward one picture a week.

IF ANYBODY IS AT ALL FUZZY, OR THINKS THEY MIGHT BE FUZZY ON THIS, PLEASE TALK TO ME OR ZAPH :<. My AIM screen name is Gelgameth, on IRC I can be found at #Art_Funk on espernet networks.. and my E-mail is in my user info.
» The whole project thingy
The Deadline: 12AM Monday the 20th of March. Be finished Sunday the 19th.

OK people. I'm posting here to just remind everybody of the deadlines.

I worry I need to clarify something. I keep fearing that this is a point of confusion. 12 AM (midnight) Sunday, means the very momment the day begins. As in, if we say it's due 12 midnight, Sunday, that means you should be finished with it Saturday night, and the person you're sending pics to should reasonably expect to open up their E-mail client first thing in the morning and find the picture in their inbox. So the first due date was the BEGINNING of Sunday last week, with a grace period for dead E-mails.

Because people have been confused on this point, we decided to move the deadline for pics to 12 AM Monday. So finish the second round picture before you go to bed Sunday night. You have a grace period during Sunday and even Tuesday where you can resend if the list changed, or if there was a mailer daemon error or something.

FOR EVERYBODY WHO STILL HASN'T SENT OUT THEIR ORIGINAL PICTURES.. Do it ASAP. You have until Monday. That is to say, 12 midnight monday morning. My personal preference is that you get it done sooner so that we don't lose a week on this project.

IF YOU CANNOT OR DO NOT WANT TO KEEP UP WITH THE DEADLINES... I'd really rather you just say, so I can remove you from the list for this round. There's no penalty for quitting, as long as you just tell Zaph or me. Hell, there aren't even any bad feelings, no harm, no foul. Nothing wrong with stepping out of a game. But if you sit silent, gumming up the works, I will talk to you, and I will put my angry hat on. And Zaph and I both tend to be forgiving in these cases, but we WILL block people who consistantly screw up the chain from joining further rounds.

So please. If you can't manage a sketch per week, for whatever reason, just please opt out. If you just plain don't like the tone of this post.. well. Take that up with me for being an asshole, but don't let THAT be the reason for opting out XD I'm just worried about all the people participating here being screwed out of a good time.
» (No Subject)
OK. PEOPLE. When I said 12 Midnight Saturday Night, Sunday morning, I meant you should be done BEFORE SUNDAY. XD

HOWEVER. I have decided to give people an extension since some people signed up just now. From now on, the due date for the assignment is Monday morning.

That means you should have it done by Sunday night.

IE: You should be finished before it becomes officially Monday. Before the clock hits midnight.

These drawings don't have to be more than sketches, so you don't need more than a day to finsih them.

For the CURRENT phase of the project, if you aren't already finished by monday, you're past due, but just try to get it done before the next due date rolls around. If you can NOT complete your part of the assignment... then pass along the pictures you received to the next person in line. These aren't hard due dates..

So if you're not clear on anything, please get in contact with me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. My AIM handle is Gelgameth.
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